Women, girls’ education: Acting Minister expects decision next year

KABUL (TOLOnews): Acting Minister of Petroleum and Mines Shahabuddin Delawar on Tuesday said that a decision will be made soon regarding schools and universities for female students.
He referred to the decree of the Islamic Emirate’s supreme leader and said it was instructing a temporary order.
He said the decision will be made in the first month of the next solar year (April 2023) based on the values of Islam and Afghan traditions.
“A decision will be made by Hamal (the first month of the solar year), which will be in accordance with the Islam and Afghan traditions,” he said.
Some students meanwhile expressed concerns over the suspension of higher education for women saying that universities should be reopened “immediately.” “I am a student of journalism faculty and public relations. I am shocked,” said Parween Iqalli, a student.
“They may reopen the doors of universities for students so that they can reach their educational dreams,” said Abdullah.
“Women and girls need education. We call on government authorities to reopen schools and universities,” said Mustafa, a student.
A number of the instructors also urged the Islamic Emirate to reopen universities for female students.
“The aftermath would be dangerous for Afghanistan,” said Khawani Hemat, a university instructor.
Earlier, the Islamic Emirate in a letter ordered the suspension of higher education for female students.