Work costruction of 60km road starts in Panjshir, says MoPW

PANJSHIR (Agencies): The Ministry of Public Work has started a 60km road reconstruction project in Paryan district of the province.
The Panjshir governor Mawlawi Abdul Haleem Agha, spokesman of the Ministry Mawlavi Hamidullah Mesbah and other local officilaws ere participate in the opening ceremony of the project.
In the very beginning provincial public work management department head shared details on the project, adding that this project is implemented in Paryan district from Bambardar Pass up to the Marghabidan area with a total length of 60km reconstruct work begins.
According to him, the project worth 4 million Afghanis and the project create job opportunities to 120 residents of Panjshir for at least two months. In the meantime, the deputy governor of the province talked about the importance of the project and assured that the provincial officials will fully cooperate with all the administrations to implement the public benefit projects in the province.
Based on Ministry’s annual plans the project is an initiative and the program will continue in other provinces of the country.
Meanwhile, officials at the Ministey said that rhea longside incomplete projects work will be completed.
Same like, the Paryan district residents were expressed happiness about the security situation and opening public benefit projects in their district, and asked the for government attention for other sectors of their community.