Work-for-food program begins in Badakhshan

BADAKHSHAN (TOLOnews): Local officials in Badakhshan announced the beginning of a work-for-food program.
They added that in this six-month program, which includes irrigation and development of green areas, work will be provided for nearly 800 people, most of whom are in need.
“In the first month, the municipal administration will do the same thing, strengthening the green area in Faizabad,” said Mohammad Ismail Sami, financial head of the Municipality in Badakhshan.
Meanwhile, some workers called on the Islamic Emirate to provide permanent work.
“We are so happy about working here,” said Zaki, a Badakhshan resident.
“Four bags of flour, wheat, or something else is given us, and we work for them, we are so happy for this process,” said Abdul Khalil, a Badakhshan resident.
“We want work so have some food, everyone is poor and needs work to find food,” said Jamaludden, a Badakhshan resident.
“We asked the government for work, we want to work, we do not want charity,” said Saifullah, a Badakhshan resident.
These people work 12 days a month and receive food that is worth 5,000 Afs, provided by the WFP.