World Bank starts two projects in Kandahar

KANDAHAR CITY (TOLOnews): The work of two projects at the cost of $130,000 was started by the World Bank and the management of the United Nations project service office in Kandahar.
Officials in Kandahar province said that after the Islamic Emirate took over, the World Bank has delayed work on 26 projects that cost $8 million in this province.
“We welcome these projects, it’s good for our country’s progress and people can have a job,” said Nimatullah Hassan, mayor of Kandahar.
“26 projects of the World Bank in different areas of Kandahar remained half-finished,” said Ahmad Jawed Maiwand, head of the Sectoral and Technical Services of Kandahar Municipality. According to officials, in these projects work has been provided for two hundred people.
Meanwhile, some Kandahar residents asked for the beginning of the other half-finished projects in this province to provide more work for people.
“We demand more projects so work can be provided for more people,” said Juma Gul, a Kandahar resident.
“There must be these kinds of projects so people can have jobs and cannot fall into bad habits,” said Fazil Mohammad, a Kandahar resident.
“We call on the government to start other projects and we are happy these projects have provided work to do,” said Mohammad, a Kandahar resident.
Officials of the municipality in Kandahar said that efforts are ongoing with aid organizations to provide work for youth.