Young man teaching students for free

HELMAND (TOLONews): A young man in Helmand province’s Nahr Siraj district established a private school at his own expense and provides 200 boys and girls access to free religious and modern education.
“Here in this village, education opportunities were not provided for many children, while education should have been provided for them. Therefore, with the help of the people of this district, I provided education for these children at my own expense,” said the school’s founder, Abdul Qadir Pasoon.
Locals praised the young man’s efforts and said no school had been built for them in the previous 20 years to which they could send their children.
“We have male and female students here, and we are glad that our sons and girls go to school,” said Mulla Mohammad, a resident of Nahr Saraj district.
“I am really pleased with the establishment of this school. Because of the wars, no one here is familiar with the school and they have kept away from it,” said Abdul Qahir, another resident of Nahr Saraj district.
“Education is one of our basic needs, and if it is met, we will be quite happy. We hope that schools will be built here for both boys and girls,” said Noorayel Keliwal, a resident of the district.
Meanwhile, officials of the Helmand Education Department said that the majority of students are denied an education as a result of the lack of schools in the districts and efforts are being made to provide education to them.
“Access to education is denied in many parts of the province of Helmand. We are attempting to provide education for those children there,” said Mawlawi Mohammad Iwaz Ansari, director of Helmand’s education department.
Helmand province’s Nahr Siraj district is 75 kilometers from Lashkargah city, the province’s center.
Some of the district’s residents said that for the past 20 years, they haven’t received any health or educational services.