2-day summit by RCCI concludes

F.P. Report

RAWALPINDI: A two-day All Pakistan Women Chambers Presidents’ Summit (APWCPS) organized by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) concluded here on Tuesday.

The participants considered various issues particularly being confronted by the business women including the importance of unity and cooperation between the women chambers for nation building.

The conference also debated the issues like Trade Act 2013, Taxation, Economy, Business Financing, Export Re-Finance Scheme, International Agencies, SME policy, Women on Corporate Board and Companies Act 2017 and companies incorporation.

A joint declaration was announced at end of the summit. APWCPS demanded that the government should pass an Act so that the women might be taken on board in all the standing committees, advisory committees and all other departments under the control of federal, provincial and local governments.

The government should facilitate the women chambers in all the national and international exhibitions and trade delegations through TDAP and other agencies.

The government should financially assist all the women chambers in acquiring the quality certifications.

The government should introduce short term and long term loans with easy requirements to facilitate the business women.

The government should provide a tax waiver of 3 to 5 years for the women wanted to set up small and medium industry.

President RCCI Zahid Latif Khan on the occasion said, Pakistan has 52 percent share of women in its total population.

It is the largest and important part of population and RCCI believes in the equal participation of women in the economic development of the country.

He said, with the recent trend of increasing participation of Pakistani women in the business activities of the country there is an immense need to understand the issues and problems being faced by the women entrepreneurs.

He said, RCCI being a pro-active business facilitation entity, believed in identifying and functionalizing such forums for women entrepreneurs to get into the main stream of the economy.

The recent establishment of women business incubation center at RCCI was evident of the fact that Rawalpindi Chamber believed in the economic uplifting of this major chunk of the population and was making all out efforts to promote their active participation in different businesses, he added.