20066 Afghan citizens cross to Afghanistan

Ahmad Nabi

LANDI KOTAL: Nearly 20066 Afghan nationals crossed the Torkham border to Afghanistan in four days of temporary resuming of the border here on Thursday.

 It is to be mentioned here that last week notification had been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reading that on the request of the Afghan government, the Pakistan authorities on humanitarian basis had decided to open the borders of Torkham and Chaman for the trapped Afghan nationals willing to go to their country.

According to the official report the border was temporary resumed from April 6th to April 9th, 2020 and will be suspended for all kind of movement at late hours on Thursday night.

Hundreds of thousands Afghan citizens from every corner of Pakistan approached to the western border of the country, crossed the border to their native country.

The official told that in four days round about 20066 Afghan citizens moved towards their motherland via Torkham border.