28 cases of Congo fever reported, three dead

KUNDUZ (Agencies): This year, Kunduz Province recorded 28 cases of Crimean-Congo fever, resulting in three deaths, according to the Kunduz Public Health Department.
Najibullah Sahil, Director of Kunduz Public Health, has established a special department for treating Congo fever at the infectious diseases hospital, showcasing his commitment to public health.
“We were fully prepared before the Congo fever [outbreak]; we activated the infectious disease hospital, and all services are free,” said Sahil.
“Whatever the patients need; medicines, food … all these are free, so there are no problems, and people should not worry,” he added.
Earlier, 36 instances of Crimean-Congo fever were reported in the western province of Herat, including five deaths.
Meanwhile, previously in Takhar province, three cases of Congo fever were reported, one of which resulted in patient death.
Congo fever, a viral disease, is commonly spread from animals to humans through ticks, particularly during slaughter. The main symptoms of the disease include fever, heartburn, diarrhoea, internal and external bleeding, neck discomfort, and eye pain.
The virus can potentially trigger epidemics and is associated with a significant case fatality rate ranging from 10% to 40%. It can initiate outbreaks within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Additionally, its treatment and prevention pose considerable challenges, elevating the risk of Congo fever outbreaks for public health services.
The US Centers for Disease Control recommend that individuals wear gloves and other protective equipment when butchering animals. It is crucial not to share blood and bodily fluids with animals or individuals displaying symptoms of illness.
Healthcare professionals should diligently follow proper infection control protocols to prevent any risk of occupational exposure.