5 unidentified bodies found in grave in Daman District

Kandahar (TOLONews): Local officials in the province of Kandahar said that a mass grave was discovered on Thursday in the Daman district.
The remains of five people were found, according to the Kandahar governor’s spokesperson.
The spokesman, Haji Zaid, added that these people were buried here ten to fifteen years ago, based on the bones that were left in the grave.
“The residents of the area have confirmed that there have been several crimes committed here. Mass graves are found all the time across Afghanistan, particularly in the province of Kandahar, where many of them were discovered after the Islamic Emirate took control and where more are discovered daily,” Zaid said.
The identities of the bodies are unknown.
On his Twitter page, Mohammad Naeem Wardak, the head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s embassy in Doha, claimed that this is an example of the crime of the previous government.
“To stop this, a commission should be established to find the biographical information of these individuals and those who committed these crimes, tell the public, and share the findings with the United Nations and human rights,” said Wahed Faqiri, political analyst. Meanwhile, Kandahar residents demanded a full investigation into the matter. “I ask the current authorities to conduct an international investigation regarding this case,” said Sardar Agha, a resident of Kandahar.
“It’s crucial to find the perpetrators. This incident has to be investigated and shouldn’t just be left as news. The criminals must be identified and punished,” said Abdul Rauf Azim, another Kandahar resident. Previously, a mass grave containing the bodies of twelve people was also found in Spin Boldak district.