80,000 of Afghan carpets exported monthly: Union

KABUL (Agencies): The Union of Carpet Producers and Exporters in the western zone of the country says over 80,000 square meters of carpets are exported to world markets every month, and that the volume of exports has continued to grow. The union officials, however, say they do not have direct access to the world markets, but Afghan carpets are sent to the markets of European and American countries through Pakistan. “According to a survey conducted in 1402, it can be said that 80 to 100 thousand square meters of carpets are exported to different countries every month,” said Mohammad Rafi Naderi, head of the union. Carpets are usually exported through Pakistan to the US, Canada, England, European countries and some Asian countries, he said. Meanwhile, carpet sellers in Herat city expressed concern saying that although the market for carpets has improved, they cannot send domestic handwoven carpets to global markets directly. According to them, Afghan carpets are still exported to the world markets as having been woven in neighboring countries, stressing that there was a need to promote Afghan carpets. “Now traders don’t come, now our goods go to Pakistan, and from Pakistan, our carpets are being exported under the name of Pakistani goods abroad,” said Abdul Khaliq Qaderi, a carpet seller. Meanwhile, Herat’s Department of Industry and Commerce says the process of exporting carpets abroad has improved recently, so efforts are being made to improve the carpet industry and export it to global markets. “In each zone, places have been selected for better export, good control and packaging,” said Bashir Mohammad Seerat, head of Herat Industry and Commerce Department According to him, due to the export of carpets from Herat, a facility is being considered where carpets can be packaged.