A Sagacious tip for nation’s defenders

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that the Armed Forces with the support of its citizens would never allow any country, group, or force to politically or economically destabilize Pakistan. While addressing a highly decorated passing out ceremony of young graduating officers of the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), Army Chief indoctrinated the future leaders of the Pakistan Army that the safety, honor, and welfare of their country come first, always and every time. According to General Bajwa, the honor, welfare, and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort, and safety come last, always and every time. The COAS told the young officers that they were chosen to serve and protect their motherland which demanded the highest levels of dedication, sense of purpose, and sacrifice. He advised them to remain alert all the time, prepared to respond to and defeat all intrigues and conspiracies, hatched against their country with an iron fist.

Pakistan’s Military is the most powerful and trustworthy institution in the country which not only guards against external threats to our national sovereignty and territorial integrity but also consistently remains vigilant regarding internal unrest, law, and order issues, political and economic instability. This elite national institution had been the prime target of the country’s enemies because our enemies consider the Pakistan military the greatest hurdle in the accomplishment of their anti-Pakistan agenda throughout history. Historically, anti-Pakistan elements always remained busy disrupting Pakistan’s economic growth, disturbing the peace, and weakening the core fabrics of Pakistani society through regrettable subversive activities, and false propaganda. Interestingly, sectarian and religious divisions and ethnic polarization had been the most effective tools of the enemy, however, our valiant armed forces and Intelligence Apparatuses remained successful in timely forecasting and forestalling such nefarious enemy designs.

The Commander-In-Chief has rightly sensitized the young military leaders regarding this recurrent threat of the contemporary world which usually comes across our national defenders that anti-state elements use religious, patriotism, institutional, or national ego as screen smoke to subvert our young generation for their nefarious purposes. Thus our young warriors must strengthen their belief in national leadership and stand tall against all open and discreet assaults by the enemy.