Actress Bushra Ansari’s mother passes away

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Veteran actress Bushra Ansari’s mother named Mehmooda Khanum passed away on Tuesday after a prolonged illness.

She shared the news of her mother’s demise on social media. Bushra urged fans to pray for both her mother and sister Sumbul Shahid, who was dead earlier.

“My beautiful mother Mehmooda Khanam just left us and went through a long miserable time in bed she will meet my beloved sister sumbul mere pirate ammi Jan,” she captioned last year.

“My beloved mother n my beautiful sister sumbul shahid Allah k ghar saath saath pl pray for them Allah piar say rakhna mere piaree ammi aur behn ko”.

The ‘Udaari’ actress sister Sumbul Shahid had passed away last year due to covid pandemic.

She also revealed that they never told their mother about Sumbul demise instead they informed her that Sumbul went to San Francisco and because of the coronavirus there were no flights coming from there.