Actress Ushna Shah knows when to burn extra calories

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Television actress Ushna Shah is one of the finest actresses of our industry. Ushna Shah is very blunt and bold when it comes to speaking the truth that too with her signature smile.

Ushna Shah is a fitness freak and believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite that beautiful smile. We often see videos of Ushna Shah hitting the gym harder. Ushna Shah recently uploaded a picture wearing a gym suit. 

While replying to one of the comments, Ushna clarified that she sets her own beauty standards and she is comfortable in her skin. She also said that if she wants to shed some weight, she will do it. Ushna wrote: “Thanks babe but that fitness level was by choice and so is this.

I get athletic fit when I need to.. And the world has seen it. I am strong, I lift and am still muscular as you can see, when I want to shred and drop some weight I will drop some calories and up my cardio but that will probably be for a role. I am no longer 21, I am a grown woman who enjoys food and has a naturally curvy body type.

I am most comfortable in this weight because this is who I am and am very much in control of how I want to look. Society and sample sizes dont define my standard of beauty, I set my own, and I like being fit & thick”