Actual agenda of PTI’s long march to stop govt from appointing the next army chief: Maryam

F.P. Report

LONDON: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz Tuesday claimed that the actual agenda of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s long march towards Islamabad is to stop the incumbent government from appointing the next army chief.

She said the PTI’s long march has nothing to do with the nation and welfare of the people.

Addressing a news conference in London, the PML-N vice president sent condolences to the family of deceased journalist Sadaf Naeem — who was crushed to death in the line of duty while climbing down PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s container during the march — and said that the incident forced her to think about the purpose of PTI’s long march.

“A precious life was lost. A mother of young children passed away while covering the long march. It forced me to ponder over the purpose of the long march,” she said.

She said Imran knows that the he has also lost the last card and now came on the streets to cause ruckus. Maryam said Imran started long march after the failure of his conspiracy narrative and people have shown disinterest in his long march.

She said Nawaz Sharif not taking any NRO and you will know what would happen when Nawaz would enter the field.

She questioned why Imran Khan’s sons were not participating in the long march.

Taking a jibe at the PTI leader, Maryam said people should keep an eye on their watches as watch theifs are in Gujranwala.

Maryam said whom Imran critcise the whole day, he fell into their feet in the night.

“Those whom you are criticizing are the defenders of the country and not of Bani Gal. They are the protectors of the country, not your robberies and thefts. Soldiers sacrifice their lives for the country and you insulted them for their salary.”

Maryam added that had the march been arranged by someone who had not been in power before, it would have made sense, but someone who ruled the country for four years need not hold such marches.

“Look at any area, be it economy, foreign relations, foreign policy, or governance, Imran Khan destroyed all of them during his tenure.”

She said that the way the PTI-led government trampled upon the economy of the country, which led to skyrocketing inflation, Khan should not even be able to utter a word anymore. “Yet, he has taken out a rally on the streets of Pakistan,” she said.

Criticising the march further, Maryam said that personnel of the Punjab Police employed to provide security to Khan greatly outnumbered the participants of the march.

“Millions of taxpayers’ money is being spent to provide security to a march which is aimless and holds no national agenda,” she said, adding that it certainly needs a criminal-minded person to spend the public’s money so lavishly without having an iota of remorse.

She further said that the narrative of a conspiracy that Khan built following his ouster has been exposed.

“One after the other, his lies started unfolding before the nation which is why the masses are largely indifferent to this long march,” she said.

The PML-N vice president added that this long march was the PTI’s last plan. “Prior to that, they continued building the narrative of a foreign conspiracy to mount pressure on the government and spewed many lies. The ultimate target of this entire conspiracy was the appointment of the army chief.”

Maryam added that since Khan failed to dissolve the incumbent government and couldn’t ask for a date for the election, he resorted to this aimless long march.