Putin confirms Russia’s readiness to strengthen ties with Arab League

MOSCOW (Agencies): Moscow is ready to strengthen ties with the Arab League and all its members, President Vladimir Putin said in a message to the heads of state and heads of government of Arab League countries participating in the 31st summit.

Putin’s message focused on strengthening regional and global security, state news agency TASS reported on Tuesday.

“We believe that the military and political issues that the Middle East and North Africa are facing, including the Syrian and Libyan crises and the Yemeni and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, should be resolved based on universally recognized international laws,” the message from the Russian president said.

The statement called for respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.

Middle Eastern and North African countries are playing an increasing role in the process, Putin said.

“Undoubtedly, the tasks of improving the international situation and opposing the threats and challenges of our time increase the demand for coordinated collective efforts and significantly raise the importance of representative organizations such as the Arab League,” Putin said.

The partnership between Russia and Arab countries, Putin accreted, will ensure global peace and stability.

The 31st summit of the Arab League is set to kick off in the Algerian capital of Algiers on Tuesday.

The summit’s agenda includes regional issues, such as the situation in Yemen, Libya and Syria, the Palestine issue, as well as ways to ensure food security and strengthen relations between Arab nations.