Administration to crack down on child labor and professional beggars

Anees Takar

MARDAN: The District Administration in Mardan is taking a firm stance to protect the rights of children deprived of education and eradicate social evils like child labour and especially child begging. Additional Deputy Commissioner, Samiur Rahman, emphasized this commitment during a meeting of the District Vigilance Committee.

The meeting, chaired by Samiur Rahman, brought together various officials, including District Planning Officer Alamgir Khan, District Social Welfare Officer Jamal Shah, Child Protection Officer Umeer Khan, and others, along with representatives from the police and other departments. The primary focus of the discussion was on child labor and children who are not receiving an education.

Samiur Rahman stressed the importance of joint efforts between the administration, the public, and social organizations to tackle these issues. He mentioned that the administration is prepared to take all necessary measures for the rehabilitation of such children.

Rahman announced that a crackdown would be initiated against professional donkey dealers operating in the city’s intersections and other locations. This move aims to clean the city of this practice, which often exploits children and poses a risk to their safety.

He underscored the shared responsibility to promote education and urged everyone to work towards ensuring that no child remains out of school. Rahman encouraged the community to use various platforms to address social problems and advocate for the rights of children.

The District Administration’s proactive stance signifies a commitment to protect the vulnerable, promote education, and eliminate harmful practices, such as child labor and the exploitation of children in professional donkey dealing.