Afghan singer urges Tajik President to continue hosting Afghan refugees

KABUL (Khaama Press): Following reports of deportations of Afghan refugees from Tajikistan, Farhad Darya, a celebrated Afghan singer, urged Tajik President Emomali Rahmon in an open letter to host the Afghan refugees for some time.
According to recent reports, Tajikistan intends to send back Afghan refugees who sought asylum there when the previous government was ousted and the Taliban were installed to power.
The prominent and acclaimed Afghan singer urged the president of Tajikistan in a letter to reconsider the decision to deport the refugees and “to host homeless refugees for a while longer.”
Most of the people in Tajikistan who are looking for asylum are hoping to be relocated to Canada. The refugees, who are currently in Tajikistan, fled to Afghanistan’s northern neighbor and have been waiting there for about a year, much like many others who escaped to the west or south after the Taliban took control in Afghanistan. According to Farhad Darya, Tajikistan is a friendly neighbor, hence it is shocking that Tajikistan would deport Afghan refugees in such a “deplorable” circumstance.
The Tajik president was also invited as a special guest to the Afghan singer’s concert in Tajikistan, where he will perform an “empathy” concert for Tajiks and Afghan refugees.
Even though the Canadian government has reportedly only relocated 3,000 Afghan refugees thus far, Farhad Darya’s appeal to the president of Tajikistan comes while around 6,000 Afghan refugees wait in Tajikistan to be resettled in Canada.