Over 100 female police officers return to work

KABUL (TOLOnews): The officials of the Badakhshan Police Command said that more than one hundred female police officers have been rehired.
They said that the majority of these female police officers had previously served in the previous administration.
“We have about 20 to 25 officers and lieutenants and 70 to 80 female soldiers,” said Badakhshan Police Commander Abdulhaq Abu Omer. In this province, female police officers are in charge of conducting house-to-house inspections and searching women.
“As criminal department officers, we go when there is a criminal act and enter the house,” Khaleda, a police officer, said.
“We search the house and we arrest the women and hand them over to the criminal department,” said Gol Jan, a policewoman.
Some female police forces urged the Islamic Emirate to allow more women to work in government institutions. “We ask the Islamic Emirate to let all the women go back to their jobs,” said Mashoqa, a police officer.
Many women, particularly those who worked in security agencies, lost their jobs after the Islamic Emirate was re-established.