“Afghan women isolated from peace talks”

KABUL (Afghanistan Time): In the midst of controversial peace talks between US and the Taliban negotiation members, some former US diplomatsexpressed concerns over Afghan women’s role where according to them, they (women) have been marginalized in the Afghan peace process.

The former diplomats insisted over inclusive roleof women in the peace talks to act and play an important role in bringing a durable peace.

The founder of the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN)SanamNaraghiAnderlini said “it is quite significant for the Afghan women to set on tables for talks and be part of the policy makers.”

Their remarks come at time while the efforts for the seventh round of talks are under progress to be once gain held in Doha.

Donald Stenberg, a former U.S diplomat in Afghanistan, believes that the inclusion of women in the peace talks would boost up the developments in the peace process.

This comes as Afghan women and civil right activiststime and again expressed concerns over losing achievements, especially freedom of speech which is gained in the last 18 years.

However, the government always emphasized over comprehensive role of women in the ongoing Afghan peace process. In mid-April, a large number of Afghan men and women gathered under umbrella of Consultative Loya Jirga for Peace, where 30 percent of delegates were women and they elucidated redlines and framework in talks with the Taliban group.