Afghanistan sits atop the list of world’s unhappiest countries

KABUL (Khaama Press): Afghanistan ranks first among the most “miserable” and unhappiest countries in terms of physical pain, mental stress, mental disorders triggered by poverty and unemployment, anxiety, and anger, according to Gallup’s Negative Experience Index.
According to the Gallup report, 80% of Afghans are worried and disturbed. 74% of the mental stresses induced by poverty are caused by unemployment, while the condition of 61% of Afghans is defined as “sad.”
When Gallup polled Afghans last year when the Taliban retook authority and the US withdrew its forces, Afghans’ emotional state reflected the instability and uncertainty.
Worry, tension, and sadness reached all-time highs in Afghanistan in 2021, becoming the highest in the world, bringing Afghanistan to the top of the list.
Previously, the Gallup analytics institution stated that 53% of Afghans wished to leave the country in a survey conducted in August and September 2021.
The first two months (August and September) since the Taliban took over Kabul in August 2021 have been difficult and occasionally fatal for many Afghan civilians.
In a prior Gallup survey, conducted around the time of the migrant wave from Afghanistan and the escalation of tensions in Ukraine, 56% of Afghan men and 50% of Afghan women reported a wish to leave their country for good.
The economy of Afghanistan has been in decline since the Taliban took control in August, exacerbated by US sanctions and its isolation on the international level.
To restore an economy devastated by years of conflict and foreign operations, the Taliban has requested the international community to recognize its new administration; yet, no country has recognized the Taliban.