Salang pass passenger bus overturn kills and injures at least 15

KABUL (Khaama Press): Three people were killed and 12 were severely injured when a passenger bus overturned on the Kabul-Mazar highway in north Salang due to the driver’s negligence.
According to the Taliban-run Bakhtar state news agency, the accident took place on Saturday, the 10th of September in north Salang pass when a passenger bus was traveling to Mazar-e-Sharif, the provincial capital of Balkh province in northern Afghanistan.
The bus driver’s negligence while driving the bus from Kabul, the Afghan capital, to Mazar-e-Sharif, according to the Taliban officials, was the accident’s primary cause.
Earlier, in Ghor province in central Afghanistan, three traffic accidents killed and injured at least 4 people.
In the first traffic accident, a motorcycle that overturned killed one and injured another; in the second, a car crash injured two; and in the third, there were no fatalities or injuries.
The current rise in traffic fatalities in Afghanistan is directly related to driver negligence and reckless behavior.
Speeding, dangerous driving conditions, careless drivers, and a lack of traffic signals are other key issues that considerably raise the number of road fatalities in Afghanistan every day.