Afghanistan’s assets should be released: US Reps

KABUL (Tolo News): Three members of the US House of Representatives of the United States have issued a letter to President Biden urging him to release Afghanistan’s assets to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. They said that helping the Afghans is not only a moral responsibility of the United States, but also contributes to the security of the United States.
“We have not just a moral obligation to help the Afghan people, but a national interest in preventing Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for our enemies,” the letter reads. The letter also reads that the United States must uphold its promises toward the people of Afghanistan and make sure the progress made in the last 20 years is not lost.
“When the last American troops left Afghanistan, the United States promised that we would not abandon Afghanistan. that is a mistake we made once before with grave consequences for our own security, as well as for the Afghan people. We must uphold our promises and do what is necessary to ensure that the progress made in the last 20 years is not lost,” the letter reads.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate welcomes the move made by the members of the House of Representatives saying that Afghanistan’s frozen assets should not be used as a tool of pressure. “Afghanistan’s frozen assets are the fundamental right of the people and the Afghan government. Steps need to be taken to overcome the economic crisis and avert a humanitarian catastrophe in the country,” said Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate. In the meantime, some economists in the country called on the international community to put pressure on the US to release the Afghan assets. “This is a good step, not only the US House of Representatives but also the international community should put pressure on the US to release the frozen money of the Afghan people,” said Abdulhaq Hamad, political analyst.