Afghans call on Taliban to agree on ceasefire

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KABUL: Despite Taliban’s repeated refusal, residents and religious scholars from Jawzjan and Paktia provinces, in northern and eastern Afghanistan, called on the Afghan government and the militant group to agree on a ceasefire during the Eid days, which will probably start on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Taliban leader Mullah HibatullahAkhundzada sent an Eid message on Saturday, June 02, but he did not mention anything about a possible ceasefire during the festival.

To raise their voices for peace, dozens of Jawzjan residents and religious scholars attended a gathering in Sheberghan city on Monday, where they called on the Afghan government to expedite its efforts for peace and meanwhile implement strict security measures during Eid days.

“Violence increased during Ramadhan, which is a sacred month and is a month of peace and mercy. The only demand of the elders and scholars here at this gathering from the warring parties is that they should agree on a ceasefire at least during Eid days which are happy days for Muslims,” said Ahmad Shah, a religious scholar from Jawzjan.

Those who spoke at the gathering said Afghans are tired of war as they have witnessed conflicts for the past four decades but now they are expecting a long-term ceasefire.

“All the religious scholars who have gathered here from across Jawzjan province have one demand from the Taliban that they should announce ceasefire during Eid days,” said Hamidullah, a religious scholar.

According to the religious scholar, the killing of civilians is forbidden in Islam.

“Let’s end conflicts and embrace harmony and unity. Let’s move towards improvement and education,” said Sayed Mir Husain, a Jawzjan resident.

Meanwhile, Paktia residents, in eastern Afghanistan, staged a rally in Gardez city and called on the Taliban to respond to Afghans’ demand for ceasefire – at least during Eid days.

“We want peace. We want permanent ceasefire and peace. We call on the Taliban to announce peace during Eid as they did last year,” said Abdullah Sial, a Paktia resident who attended the rally in Gardez city.

“Ceasefire will ensure the improvement of peace. We cannot tolerate war anymore. We want ceasefire,” said Aziz-ul-RahmanShafaq, a Paktia resident.

Two members of Paktia provincial council also joined the rally.

“We ask the Taliban to put an end to the war and allow Afghans to live a happy life,” said Mohammad RahmanQaderi, member of Paktia Provincial Council.

“We call on the Taliban to sit and talk with their brothers as Afghans are very much tired of war,” said Sakhi Jan Wafayar, member of Paktia Provincial Council.(TOLOnews)