After legislation, govt moving toward election through EVMs: Shibli

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: After approval of legislation, government is moving toward elections through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), initially EVMs will be used in local bodies election in Federal Capital followed by the Punjab local government contest during coming months. It was shared by the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Senator Shibli Faraz during a news conference in Islamabad on Monday.
Shibli told the media that government is fully cooperating with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in this regard and electronic machines will be used in local bodies election in Capital city in coming months.
According to Shibli, EVMs would be delivered to ECP by the government during next week for testing and training of staff before actual use in upcoming election in federal capital. Shibli was of the view that successful use of EVMs will not only remove the skepticism about them but also pave the path for their use in upcoming local bodies election in Punjab in near future.
According to Shibli, bringing transparency and credibility in electoral process was an important point of PTI’s electoral manifesto and Prime Minister Imran Khan had always remained on forefront of the efforts for this cause. Shilbi hoped that EVM will be helpful in ensuring free, fair and impartial election in the country. According to Shibli, Ministry of Science and Technology is fully cooperating with ECP regarding manufacturing/ modification of EVMs and had accomplished this task according to the ECP’s requirements.
While responding to a media query regarding objections by the opposition on EVMs, Shibli said that opposition must accept the reality of EVM because now it is a part of electoral law; however government is ready to sit with opposition to settle down their grievances in this regard.
While answering another question, Mnister said that government is working 24/7 for creation of a mechanism for I-Voting System so overseas Pakistan can use their right to vote and it will be done during next two months.