Aima Baig reveals reason of her Instagram invisibility

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The celebrity artists sometimes cannot bear the pressure of the expectations of the public and the constant attention that comes with the fame and to avoid breaking under that pressure, they sometimes take a break from the media and go on vacations to relax and get away from their hectic work life routines.

Lollywood’s renowned singer Aima Baig is recently on a social media detox and has taken a break from Instagram. Her account was found to be deactivated two days back which worried her fans.

To comfort her worried fans, Aima Baig, through her publicist Sahar Iqbal gave out the message that she is not going anywhere and nor is her social media. She said that her Instagram profile is under a verification check by a team of professionals as someone tried hacking into her profile. This attempt for breach of privacy led her to reporting the matter to Instagram and the platform has put her profile on a lock for safety and security purposes.

Aima Baig said that she is doing fine and thanked her fans for their concern. She requested her fans to refrain from interacting with accounts or pages on social media claiming to be her.