An impending nuclear confict in Ukraine

Ukraine suffered sweeping blackouts and multiple water supplies cuts to various parts of Kyiv in recent days after a fresh wave of Russian missile strikes on key infrastructure in the country. According to the details, the Russian military had launched 55 cruise missiles and dozens of other munitions at civilian targets across the country, which left 40 percent of consumers without water, and 270,000 homes with no electricity. Presently, thousands of people are in search of water, alternative heat resources to keep their stoves burning ahead of a freezing winter.

The ongoing hostility between Russia and Ukraine is intensifying every single day and both sides are actively engaged in fueling the war as much as possible. Several recent developments had further aggrivated the Ukrainian issues as Russia accused Kiyv of making a dirty nuclear bomb to use on its own soil to blame Moscow while the Kiyv regime accused Russia of launching a false-flag operation to pave the way for the use of a tactical Nuke against its nation. Russia had pulled back from the famous grain deal after recent drone attack on its Black Sea fleet and also launched a fresh missile attacks against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure including communication network, power plants, water supply and grain storage to kneel its staunch rival. At the same time, the Ukrainian military retook control of over a 6000 square-kilometer area in the Kharkiv region during a newest counteroffensive agaisnt occupied troops.

The war in Ukraine has completed its eight months and so far Russian military could not achieve its strateigical goals in neighboring country. Ukriane has been able to defend its territory only thorugh the joint efforts and massive economic and military support from the European Union and the US, while the months long war badly exhausted the Russia’s economy since initiation of Moscow’s so-called speical operation against Kiyv, which is unlikely to conclude in near future. The Ukrainain conflict is gradually heading toward a war sceanerio in whcih both sides would eventually be ready to use Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) either chemical or nuclear arsenal agasint each other to achieve a decisive victory or fail enemry. Presently, a IAEA’s team is visiting different nuclear sites in Ukraine to validate Russia’s allegations regarding building of dirty bomb.

In fact, the principle of preemptive war was first introduced by the United States and the west at the time of US’s invasion of Iraq which had been replicated by Moscow by launching a speical military operation agaisnt a soverign nation. Such acts of powerful nations had always endangered the world peace and stability, which is once again at stake due to intensified hostelities in Ukraine. The United Nations must uphold its sole responsibility by preserving peace in Eastern Europe where the ongoing conflict merits immediate attention and intervention to avert a looming nuclear crisis in the region. So far, the UN and major organs incluidng UNSC and UNGA failed in restoring peace in Ukraine due to the disunity and bloc politics of member nations, hence there is an urgent need that the UN Secretary General use his personal office while devising a win win situation for both combatant nations, so peace can be restored and a global conflict can be averted in the best interest of the humanity.