Public money and administrator’s dogma

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said that his government is taking pragmatic steps to promote environment-friendly and clean energy production in the province. The Chief Minister informed the masses that the government had expanded 9.134 billion rupees to solarize 7,400 schools, 5672 Masajid, 134 Basic Health Units, and 6643 households in 100 villages across the province during the current years. According to him, under the Annual Development Program, more than 895 Masajid and 5 Churches have also been solarized in the merged districts besides completing 7 Hydel Power Projects (HPPs) in the province.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a long history, rich culture, and centuries-old traditions which demonstrate high morals, religious and social ethics, and dignity of its inhabitants. Chief Minister KP has displayed an ambitious log of his government’s development work and service to the public during the current year. KP Chief Minister is a tactful administrator, who smartly owned the responsibility of Masajid and Churches in the province in a bid to attract the sympathies of clerics and spent millions of rupees of public money on the solarization of over 6000 Masaajids and a few Churches during the recent solarization drive in the province.

Presently, KP is facing an all-time high budget deficit in its history. Although public service is a duty of the administrators, however, rulers must avoid politics in development work and should spend hard-earned public money judiciously, so their services could be a blessing to the public instead of an injury to the nation.