ANF seizes over 110 metric tons drugs in 2022; arrests 1505

RAWALPINDI (APP): Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan seized 110.467 metric tons drugs and registered over 1560 cases besides netting 1505 drug smugglers in 2022.
According to an ANF Headquarters spokesman, the force recovered over 13626.818 kg opium, over 2990.882 kg morphine, over 86.000 kg crystal, over 9165.474 kg heroin, over 19.395 kg cocaine, over 155.135 kg amphetamine, 2624.993 kg meth, 7.167 kg ecstasy tabs, 25.420 kg aximas tabs, 168.016 kg xanax tables, 25.665 kg valium diazepam tabs, 14.577 kg rivotril tabs, 14.150 kg rochi-2, 1.310 kg pinix tabs, 0.600 kg hyrica tabs, 0.811 alprazolam tabs, 27850 kg poppy straw, 22.470 kg cannabis/marijuana, 2400.190 kg ketamaine, 9743.000 kg AA, 13167.000 liters HCL, LSD Sticker 25.000, 4.192 kg weed, 1.300 kg intoxicated tabs, 4405.940 kg other substance.
He informed that the force rounded up 1505 smugglers including 276 in KP, 454 in North zone, 274 in Punjab, 226 in Sindh and 131 in Balochistan. All cases were registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 (Amended 2022).
The spokesman informed that to protect the youth, the ANF was working tirelessly in coordination with other law enforcing agencies of Pakistan. He said the department was also playing a leading role in mass awareness and community participation programs to educate the people against drug abuse. He said, “We are constantly putting our efforts at the national and international level.”
He stressed the concerted efforts by all the quarters concerned to fight the menace of drug addiction, particularly among youth. The force was sparing no effort in carrying out its duties and protecting the young generation from the dangers of drugs, he said adding, “We pledge to carry forward our manifesto with utmost determination, sincerity, and devotion.”
Initially, drug addiction either begins for fun, for momentary pleasure, or just to get acceptable in a particular social circle, but it surely ends up to devastate the ill-fated individual as well his/her family.
Experts believe that Pakistan’s goal to become a drug-free society can be achieved through creating awareness at the grassroots level against deadly addiction.
It is possible to achieve the goal when people get the ability to understand the repercussions of addiction to save the future of the coming generations. Therefore, Pakistan is striving hard to eliminate drugs to achieve the set goal of a “Drug-Free Society” besides vigorously executing its globally assigned tasks with utmost dedication and determination. For this purpose, nationwide “Anti-Drug Awareness Campaigns” are launched across society in collaboration with public and private educational institutions to keep the younger generation safe and away from the curse. “The campaigns are aimed at creating awareness among students and citizens about the lethality of drugs and measures for its prevention,” a senior ANF official told APP.
He said the youth was Pakistan’s greatest asset, which constituted 66% of the population. They are our future and we have to protect them from the harms of drug addiction. Protecting the country’s youth and the future generation from the menace was inevitable for the prosperous future of Pakistan, he added.