Anti-erosion efforts begun along Amu river

KABUL (TOLOnews): Officials of the Ministry of Energy and Water said that work to fortify vulnerable areas along the Amu River’s northern shore have begun.
The Deputy Minister of Energy and Water, Mujib Rahman Omar Akhundzada, said that 2 billion Afghanis have been set aside for the project’s immediate implementation, and an additional 6 billion Afghanis will be spent for its construction.
Akhundzada has travelled to the north of the country in order to begin the project to fortify the Amu River’s shores along the border regions. He added that the ministry intended to construct retaining walls in all exposed locations along the Amu River.
“We have two types of plans for consolidation: the first is an immediate plan to eliminate any threat, for which we have set aside roughly 2 billion Afghanis, and the second is a long-term plan, for which we have set aside approximately 6 billion Afghanis,” Omar Akhundzada said.
Several inhabitants of Kunduz province’s Imam Sahib district expressed their pleasure with the project’s execution, saying that once the Amu River’s consolidation work is finished, the destruction of thousands of acres of agricultural land and residential buildings will be prevented.
“Our region is fully under destruction, the agricultural lands, the village, and the mosque are completely under destruction,” said Mohammad Mir, a resident of Imam Sahib district.
“Thousands of lands and homes will be saved here after the project starts, and Shir Khan Bandar will also be protected,” said Assadullah, another resident of Imam Sahib district.
The project to fortify Amu River’s shores has begun in some provinces in the country’s north, where residents have previously voiced concerns about the destruction of their homes and fields as a result of the river’s flooding.