Assemblies under cloud, says PTI leader

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: All assemblies of Pakistan are under cloud due to uncertain situation arose as a result of corruption by Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz, said Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmaker here on Monday.

Addressing a news conference here at Karachi press club, the PTI leader said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was a party of the federation, which was equally popular in all provinces, including Gilgit Baltistan. “Karachi contributes to economy and people from all walks of life come here to earn livelihood,” he said, adding that the city also need contribution in return.

“We see broken roads in Karachi and there are piles of garbage, which speaks of the inability of those ruling over the city as well as those having government in the province,” he said.

“When we enter from Punjab into Sindh we see broken roads and broken schools,” he further said, adding that Sindh needed better rulers to resolve the problems of the province.

The PTI leader said that credit of exposing Nawaz Sharif’s corruption goes to Imran Khan.

“The Pakistan Still Mills (PMS) was profitable organization till 2008 but as soon as the democracy restored in its original form, and PPP came into power and the organization went down into loss,” he said.

“The steel mill has not given salaries to its workers for six months.”

The people who have put Karachi into reverse gear should be held responsible; he further added and said “the credit of restoring peace in Karachi doesn’t go to Sindh Government but Army and Rangers

PTI stands by growers of Punjab and Sindh. We will stand by them and join in their protest. To a question he said that there was no provision of technocrat government. We demand impartial caretaker government.