Authorities close shops for
taking foreign currency

URUZGAN (TOLOnews): Shops in Uruzgan province were closed by Islamic Emirate forces due to their usage of Pakistani rupees.
Officials of the committee for Afghani Promotion said that the usage of foreign currency has been banned in this province and will deal legally with violators.
“We will keep this process going until people in this province use afghanis completely,” said Yosif, a member of the committee for Afghani Promotion.
Meanwhile, some residents in the province welcomed the decision and called for the lack of Afghan banknotes in the markets to be addressed.
“People come to our shop and use rupees for their daily shopping, if we ask for Afghani they go to another shop,” said Ihsanullah, a shopkeeper.
“People even don’t know the afghani, they don’t know the difference between 20 afghani and 100 Afghani,” said Rahmatullah, a shopkeeper.
“We call on the government to not force people into this, and they will know our national Identity slowly,” said Sher Mohammad, another resident.
Uruzgan has used Pakistani rupees for many years, but recent efforts to popularize Afghan currency have increased.