Donor organizations suspend fund for 40 COVID-19 hospitals

KABUL (TOLOnews): Donor organizations have suspended the budget for at least 40 COVID-19 hospitals in the country over the past 18 months after political developments in the country, the acting minister of public health, Qalandar Ebad, said in an interview with TOLOnews.
He said the suspension of the budget and restrictions on health projects have affected health services in the country.
“If we look at agreements, we have contracts with different international organizations until 2024 but there were 40 COVID-19 hospitals in Afghanistan that the budget has been suspended for them,” he added.
Meanwhile, officials from Afghan-Japan Hospital, which mainly provides health services to COVID-19 patients, said they have not been paid for the past five months.
“All staff members of this hospital have not been paid and no one is taking responsibility for this,” said Shirin Agha Naseri, a doctor.
“We have not been paid for the past five months but now all staff members have signed a contract based on which they will be paid by WHO,” said Inamullah Rahmati, a doctor.
The acting minister of public health said that they have talked with Pakistani officials about the budget of three hospitals, adding that the Islamic Emirate will find a solution for it if Pakistani did not provide the support.
“If this problem is not resolved, we are considering adding the fund for the three hospitals to the annual budget,” said Abbas.
According to him, 40% of health services were provided in the country ahead of the Islamic Emirate, but now, health services are provided throughout the country.