Badakhshan sees tourist numbers spike

KABUL (Agenices): Thousands of tourists, including locals and foreigners, visit Badakhshan’s attractions monthly amid improved security in the remote northeastern Afghan province. Pleasant nature and presence of snow leopards and other rare wild animals continue to attract tourists especially in the Pamir mountains. Tourits are happy about their safety and say that they visit the border districts for recreation and sightseeing and enjoy the beautiful nature and pleasant weather. Wakhan district of Badakhshan is famous for its high altitude and is known as the “Roof of the World.” It has mild weather in summer, natural landscapes, wild animals and historical sites. It is the second national park of Afghanistan after Band-e-Amir in Bamyan province. Local officials in the border district of Ishkashim say that security measures, necessary facilities, protecting wildlife and the existence of water springs in the border districts have attracted the attention of foreign tourists. According to officials, last month, 41 foreign tourists and thousands of domestic tourists visited Pamir by crossing Ishkashim district. Tourists also describe the security situation of the border districts as good following the establishment of the Islamic Emirate and say that the natural scenery and weather of the districts are exceptional in the world. Wakhan district shares nearly 500 km border with Tajikistan, Pakistan and China.