Beggars on streets

Lubna Sabir

The evil of beggary has pierced in the roots of our social life. It has taken the from of an industry. These days, it has become a regular occupation of many people in Karachi, There are masterminds who run regular “Beggar/Begging Organizations” and wealth Tax can be levied upon them but ever highest rate of a surcharge can also be imposed upon them.

Beggars problem in Pakistan has become very complicated due to the fact that there is no check on this worthless job, It has declined the moral of the whole society. Some of them may be really feeble, deserving and poor but the majority is healthy and habitual.

They abound in all places like public parks, gardens, market places, streets and by lanes as well as trains, buses and trains, etc. They not only present a sorry sight for every one, including foreigners, but they are a positive nuisance specially in buses and train, They stand at the bus stops and as soon as a bus halts they Clamber in. They walk up and down in gangways in houses and trains and even touch the passenger with their fingers imploring alms,

Practically every railway stations is crowded with them. Some of them are suffering from injections diseases and therefore. They are a great menace to public Health, Begging is prohibited by law but it is the duty of the authorities to see that the law is properly enforced. It is also the duty of the people to see that they do not encourage these beggars by giving them alms in buses and trains. There are other ways of giving charity but this method of encouraging beggars must come to an end.