Load-shedding hike frustration

Ratiha Ilyas

Load-shedding causes an unnecessary amount of stress and frustration for Pakistan. It’s time for us to work together to create solutions! Because of the high electricity demand, blackouts often occur.

When our energy systems cannot meet the growing demand in peak periods, we experience power cuts. People can’t work due to lack of electricity because they must leave work when their embassy closes because of this problem. We need a solution to this problem now. One of Pakistan’s biggest challenges in energy is security of supply. Rural areas are the most severely affected. The situation is terrible in the both rural and urban areas.

Where the people are forced to suffer 4 to 10 hours loadshedding in various timings. “The terrible loadshedding is biting us in such a severe hot weather. But the officials continue to make tall claims of uninterrupted electricity supply. Such claims are absolutely wrong,” deplores a resident of a rural area in Kasur.

The load-shedding is becoming permanent in Pakistan, which almost takes every sector of the population to suffer. As a result, many people face difficulties learning, preparing for their exams, tasks, and office work. In conclusion, Load-shedding is a severe matter for the economy. Therefore, the government should try to find the correct formula to fix the problem without affecting ordinary citizens permanently.