Begum: Online education platform for girls deprived of school

KABUL (Agencies): A new online educational platform named ‘Begum Academy has recently started its activities to educate girls beyond the sixth grade, fill the educational gap in the country, and inspire girls deprived of education.

This academy operates in France and educates girls from the sixth to the twelfth grades. According to the officials of this institution, a graduation certificate is also awarded upon completing the twelfth grade.

Ziauddin Bakhtiar, one of the officials of ‘Begum Academy,’ stated in an interview with Khaama Press that they initiated this activity in response to the two-year deprivation of girls from education in Afghanistan.

These girls, according to him, are now facing an uncertain future and depression due to educational deprivation.”

Mr. Bakhtiar mentioned that one week has passed since the inception of this institution, and so far, more than 2,500 female students have joined it.

In the educational structure of this institution, course materials for grades 7 to 12 are arranged in a classroom-like visual format and placed on the website. Anisa, an eleventh-grade student deprived of schooling for two years, has joined this academy from a remote village in Badakhshan province.

Although she describes the cost of the internet and access to the antenna area as challenging, she believes that distance learning is valuable and hopeful for her. About 800 days have passed since the deprivation of girls’ education, but no action has been taken to reopen girls’ schools by the Taliban administration.