Biden struggles how to mark Afghan withdrawal

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: As President Biden administration approaches the one year anniversary of its chaotic and embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021, it is struggling with how to mark the anniversary. 

White House Spokesperson, Karine Jean Pierre during the press briefing stated that she was not aware of any activity in this regard by the president. Several national and international news media outlets are planning to publish their opinions about the withdrawal. 

Several studies are also in progress by the Biden Administration to understand the mistakes made during the twenty years in Afghanistan. No progress is made by much talked about corruption in USAID projects and by the Defense Contractors who minted billions of dollars in one form or another with regard to Afghanistan. 

To add further humiliation, Wall Street Journal recently published an exclusive report about the Afghans and Afghan American blue eyed boys of US administration who have purchased millions of dollars’ worth of property in the US and abroad. 

Several analysts who are familiar with US State Department matters are also of the opinion that the wetting process of the Afghans who have arrived in America is also a big challenge for them especially knowing the fact that after becoming US citizens these Afghans will also be able to bring their relatives to America and to find out their affiliation with Taliban will be a huge challenge.