Case against Commission Junction adjourned


F.P Report

Arlington, Virginia: Civil Case Number CL22-2659 was adjourned by the Circuit Court in Arlington Virginia to September 9, 2022.  

The case has been filed by Muhammad against Commission Junction for not paying the commission amount. 

According to the Plaintiff, In this particular case the said commission is earned from Expedia, a travel platform through which hotel bookings and rental car service is provided. 

According to Muhammad, his publisher account had earned thousands of dollars of commission by promoting different advertisers including Expedia. All of the advertisers have paid their commission except Expedia, Muhammad added. 

In todays hearing, attorney for Mayuresh Kasheteamade, the CEO of Commission Junction took a plea that due to jurisdiction issue, he wants to argue on that point. According to Commission Junction they can only be taken to court in Texas and that’s what is said in their publishers agreement. 

On the other hand Muhammad told the court that initially he has lodged five cases against Commission Junction because five different advertisers had owed the payments but four cases have been withdrawn because those advertisers paid the amounts which were due against them. 

Muhammad further told the court that Commission Junction is using delaying tactics instead of solving the issue and that in online sale business there are no jurisdiction issues because sales were made from Virginia and internationally.

The Judge adjourned the hearing to September 9 for argument on the said motion.