Biden wants to see progress in Saudi Israel ties: Sullivan 

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: While briefings journalists at the White House, US National Security Advisor,  Jake Sullivan said that President Biden who is starting his first Middle East tour, would like to see progress and momentum in ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Prior to his visit, President Biden is being criticized by human rights groups for ignoring Jamal Khalogi, Jake Sullivan clarified that human rights will be among the topics which President Biden will discuss with Saudi monarchs. It is also the rising fuel prices in the US which will come under discussion, Sullivan added. 

Mr Sullivan also praised President Biden for the three months cease fire by Yemen which has calmed down complications for Saudi Arabia. 

Mr Sullivan regretted the fact that Iran is providing weapons and training to Russia, which is expected to start next month. Sullivan urged Iran to join JCPOA for talks on its nuclear weapons. 

With regard to President Biden visit to Israel on the way to Saudi Arabia, Jack Sullivan said that the US will be discussing new Defence system, advancement in technology, trade and every possible thing which will make US Israel ties stronger. During his visit to Israel, President Biden will be holding a virtual conference with Israel, UAE and India, Mr Sullivan added. 

Mr Sullivan also informed that the President will be meeting President Mahmood Abbas of Palestine and the funds which were stopped for Palestine since last few years have now been released.

With regard to Russia, Jack Sullivan said Mr Putin has failed Russia on every front and it will continue to fail in coming days.