Body setup for assistance of lockdown-affected people

F.P. Report

HANGU: The district administration on Tuesday constituted committees to register deserving people for getting assistance as a result of lockdown for coronavirus.

Deputy Commissioner Tayyab Abdullah told media that those committees had been formed in light of directions of the provincial relief and rehabilitation department to help out the needy and deserving people in view of lockdown against spreading of coronavirus in the district.

He said each committee comprised five persons including a village secretary, school teacher, Zakat committee member and two more members nominated by MPA of the respective area.

He said the committee would launch survey from April 1 and complete its assigned task 4 by feeding required data of all the deserving people by April4. He said there was an effective monitoring system in place and the entire process would be conducted in a transparent manner, the DC added.

He appealed people to cooperate with those committees enabling them to complete their task amicably within given timeframe and timely helped out the affected people. He said that people would start receiving assistance after the government’s directives in this regard when the data was completed.

A known social worker Haji Rangin distribute rations of Rs. 3m: Political and social personality Haji Rangin Khan distributed Rs. 0.3 million rations to 1000 families of poor and unemployed laborers affected by the Corona virus here on Tuesday. The rations pack including flour, sugar, rice, wheat and tea packets distributed among 1000 families in 9 Union Councils of Tall Tehsil.

On the occasion, Haji Ra ngin distributed rations from house to house under the supervision of Farid Wazir, social personality Tafual Mohammad Khan. Speaking on the occasion, Tufail Muhammad Khan and Farid Wazir said that the former candidate, National Assembly Haji Rangin Khan Wazir, gave a special package to the poor people of Tehsil Tall in view of the current situation and set a unique example of sympathy.

The global economy has been hit hard by the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has infected the world, he said. He said that Haji Rangin Khan had distributed Zakat Fund for more than a thousand families of Tall Tehsil for Rs. 0.3 and distributed house ration.

Farid Khan said that majority of the people in Tehsil Tall are living below the poverty line and more help will be provided to poor families in these difficult times.