British MPs emphasize on need to continue aid to Afghanistan

KABUL (ToloNews): Referring to severe humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, several members of the UK Parliament stressed on the need to continue safeguarded aid to the country
This comes as many NGOs and aid organizations have suspended their operations after the Islamic Emirate banned woman from working in non-government organizations.
Labour MP Dan Jarvis said that this “severe disruption comes at just the wrong moment as the country faces a terrible humanitarian crisis.”
“Twenty-eight million people need aid and famine conditions are setting in. People are dying and more will die without women working in humanitarian relief,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development of the United Kingdom said that the approximately 47% of humanitarian organizations have currently either partially or completely suspended activities as a result of the edict.
“Around 30% to 40% of all staff in NGOs across Afghanistan are women. They are critical to humanitarian operations. They have access to populations their male colleagues cannot reach, providing critical life-saving support for women and girls,” he said.
The World Food Program in an annual report said that Afghanistan has faced unprecedented levels of hunger for over a year.
“The removal of jobs in Afghanistan and also drop in incomes caused a reduction in Afghan economy,” said Darya Khan Baheer, an economic affairs analyst. Kabul residents meanwhile called for the aid to be provided through transparent ways.
“The people of Afghanistan need support. It is winter and there is no job. We need more aid,” said Aminullah, a resident of Kabul. Earlier, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that the humanitarian partners have helped more than 25 million people in Afghanistan in 2022.