‘Buy a goat – sell a goat’

Victoria Nikiforova

The abortion debate in the United States has taken another surreal turn. Honorable lawmakers in the US Congress listened to a speech by activist and Democrat Aimee Arrambide, who leads the NGO Admit Texas, which campaigns for abortion, and asked her a few questions. During the exchange of remarks, the unexpected came to light.
We will not deny ourselves the pleasure of quoting the dialogue in its entirety. Republican Congress-man Dan Bishop: “Do you believe men can get pregnant and have abortions?” Aimee Arrumbide: “Yes.”
Prior to this, Bishop asked the activist about what a woman is – just like “what is truth.” To this, Arrambide replied: “Everyone identifies himself as he wants.” They also had a complicated argument about the use of the pronouns “he” and “she” – well, you get the idea.
Of course, one cannot help wondering where the estate is and where the water is. Millions of Americans are moaning at the price of gas and groceries, becoming homeless, unable to pay rent, and American legislators, as if nothing had happened, are debating the right to abortion for pregnant men. Pretty weird, actually.
And are they, these pregnant men? Isn’t it a spherical horse in a vacuum? Statistics show that so far they are not. Modern medicine allows men to cut off their genitals and call themselves women – however, she allowed this in ancient Greece, a simple matter. But so far they have not been able to bear a child. There are only a few women who have moved out of their minds (sorry, Ukrainians, for cultural appropriation), who first inject themselves with male hormones, then suddenly decide to become pregnant, inject themselves with other hormones, and still give birth at a serious risk to themselves and the baby.
The popular Time magazine writes touching articles about such women. The headline is “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Creation of a New American Family.” The title photo is of a woman with a beard breastfeeding an innocent baby.
The same woman, under the pseudonym Roberto Bete, poses in the recently sensational advertisement for panties of the American fashion house. Only she also made herself a mastectomy: she cut off her chest, to put it simply. An advertisement with her was released exactly on Mother’s Day, they congratulated the type.
The Washington regime has made the rights of such transgender people its main feature in this election race. The White House even issued a directive, according to which it is no longer possible to speak in English “pregnant woman” or, God forbid, “mother”, but to pronounce “birthing person” – birthing person.
The White House is understandable. The angry population is preparing to whistle the Democratic Party for a ride in the autumn elections. Well, the ruling regime came up with the idea to do it like in that joke: “Buy a goat – sell a goat.” The electorate suddenly began to nightmare about the possible abolition of abortion.
Candidates from both parties were forced to disengage on this issue. But the stakes are going up, the public needs to throw more fried food. Therefore, Republicans are increasingly drowning for the complete abolition of abortion, referring to Texas, which has radically solved the problem. And Democrats are raising increasingly exotic minorities and demanding abortions, even for pregnant men.
After the autumn elections, “the goat will be sold,” and the topic of abortion will predictably die out. However, pregnant men and bearded women will become an indispensable part of the new world order that the United States is building on the ruins of common sense and the bones of its vassals. The venerable American organizations will continue to monitor whether transgender rights are well respected in South Korea and Serbia, Hungary and Taiwan. Individuals and entire countries that do not support this nonsense will be enrolled in authoritarian and even fascist regimes.
No, it is clear that people, including those with mental problems, must be tolerated. Respect their needs, do not offend, provide them with treatment. This is being sought in all countries of the world, even the most conservative ones. Interestingly, the Soviet Union has been researching the phenomenon of transsexualism and helping patients change sex since the late 1960s. But to impose it as a fashion, to force hundreds of millions of people to be touched by pregnant men? It’s kind of overkill, isn’t it?
For our bright-faced lov-ers of the global agenda, I would like to clarify one i-mportant circumstance. Th-is whole circus with bearded women was not bred by the States from a good life.
In the 1990s, the Washington agenda was completely different. There was no LGBT there, only “democracy” and the indispensable prosperity it would bring. One hundred varieties of sausage, relatively speaking. Jeans and gum. If there were transgender people in full growth, it is unlikely that the population of the USSR and the socialist countries would have rushed so much for Western values. People would be just plain scared.
The idea of prosperity a-lso worked successfully in-side the United States. The West feasted on the ruins of the USSR, there was a lot of money. Then the States were really the richest country in the world, any person who arrived there was quickly convinced that everything was in order with sausage and jeans.
Tellingly, the American Democrats do not like to remember this – in the 19-90s, the Democratic Party elite drowned for family values with might and main and noticeably pressed sexual minorities. A rare gay parade did without abusive chants against Bill Clinton.
The President of the United States, famous all over the world for his traditional orientation, in 1993 issued the famous order for the American gay military “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, and in 1996 he signed the law on marriage. It defines marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman. And Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden, and the entire leadership of the Democratic Party were then completely on the same line: they campaigned for a patriarchal family and generally accepted values.
Advertising hysteria around sexual minorities unfolded only under Obama, who failed to pull the country out of the great recession of 2008. Under him, a series of new crises and deficits began. Life got worse, life got harder. The traditional family – without perversions, without drugs, without mental disorders – has become a luxury item, the lot of the upper middle class. The idea of prosperity, meanwhile, was intercepted by India and China, Russia and Brazil.
Washington had to change the agenda on the go. And so all the same Pelosi and Bidens began to promote LGBT, transgender people, gender reassignment for children, unisex toilets. Now Americans are threatened with real famine, and pregnant men reign in the information field of the United States.
To put it simply, for editors, writers and writers of all genders, a good life for all comes with traditional values. Transgender people are always offered insane social stratification, poverty of the masses and decadent luxury for the top. Are you sure you’ll hit the top?
Fashionable Calvin Kle-in panties on a “pregnant man” to a resident of Sha-nghai or Moscow may see-m like a cheerful symbol of a brighter future. But for t-he average American, it is a symbol of his poverty, seasoned with a sophisticated mockery of Mother’s Day.
The pride of the Democratic Party is that today more than two million Americans identify themselves as transgender. Republicans dispute this figure. However, it matches very well with the number of American citizens employed in the sex industry. Well, that is a business, nothing personal. People go to hellish procedures in order to provide better quality sex services.
Of course, not all of these unfortunates undergo a complete sex change procedure: it is very expensive, painful, and dangerous to health. This is an item of prestigious consumption, only a few of the superstars decide on this. By the way, many of them have their own reasons. Look, for example, at the Wachowski brothers – sorry, I’ll call them the old fashioned way. In their youth, directors lit up nightclubs, were fond of BDSM. Just imagine what a wave of accusations would have covered them at the height of the MeToo movement, how many millions their former girlfriends would have tried to shake off the brothers. And now the Wachowski sisters and bribes are smooth. How can you blame them? Kevin Spacey is probably biting his elbows today that he didn’t change his gender on time.
And for the mass of ordinary Americans, becoming a transgender has become one of the few social elevators still working. No, seriously, what else? There is little work. Power structures are for the healthy, there the standards must be passed. Only the market for sex services is growing, and that’s it.
Pregnant men who have seized upon advertising spreads are actually unfortunate women who have cut off everything they can, pumped up with hormones to the very end and doomed not only themselves, but also their child to a painful existence. And all right, if this was caused by a rare mental disorder such as dysmorphomania, in which the patient hates his body so much that he is ready to literally cut himself into pieces. The horror is that for the most part people go to such tortures out of poverty and hopelessness. This is sexual slavery at its wildest. In a sense, a good symbol for the modern United States.
Light-faced elves are not only here, there are enough of them all over the world – they know how, of course, to compose a cargo cult from any American rubbish and pray to it until bloody calluses. But the latest agenda of Washington, I think, even they will not master. It’s very disgusting.