CAA officials of BKIAP returns WC tickets to a passenger

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The staff of CAA on duty at Bachaa Khan International Airport (BKIAP) returned the Cricket World Cup tickets of lacs of rupees to a lady passenger who forgot to carry them with her while departing for London.

According to details, a lady passenger namely Aqeela forgot to carry her Cricket World Cup tickets of Rs0.75 million and left them at international departure lounge of BKIAP.

Subsequently, she lodged a complain of missing her tickets to airport management after leaving for London.

The staff of CAA on duty at BKIAP took action promptly and recovered her lost tickets immediately.

They returned the World Cup tickets to the brother of lady passenger who lives in Peshawar.

She thanked the airport staff and appreciated their honesty and dutifulness.

Management of BKIAP decided to award appreciation certificate to an officer on duty Qaisra and staffer Imran Siddique who recovered the lost tickets of lady passenger.