Canadian Diplomats in New Delhi face threats from extremist groups

Monitoring Desk

NEW DELHI: The Canadian High Commission in New Delhi has recently issued an alert regarding threats made to its diplomats by extremist Hindu groups. This alarming development, which came to light through social media platforms, has prompted concern from both the Canadian and Indian governments.

According to sources from the Canadian High Commission, extremist factions have openly threatened their diplomats with grave consequences. This situation has propelled Global Affairs Canada to keep a close eye on the security conditions in India, ensuring the safety of its diplomatic personnel stationed there.

Given the stipulations of the Vienna Convention, which mandates the safety and security of diplomats, the Canadian High Commission has urged the Indian government to take these threats seriously and ensure necessary protective measures.

As tensions escalate, the Canadian government is reportedly contemplating reducing staff numbers at their embassies in India. If these threats persist and the security situation doesn’t improve, there are growing speculations among analysts that Canada might temporarily shut down its diplomatic missions in India.

Experts have observed that the current Indian government has been adopting sophisticated methods to mute dissenting voices within the country. Such strategies were highlighted when Amnesty International, a globally recognized human rights group, was compelled to cease its operations in India under intense government pressure.

Furthermore, accusations of the Indian government’s crackdown on international media have also surfaced. Reportedly, the offices of the BBC in India faced raids under the guise of tax evasion and other legal violations after broadcasting a documentary critical of Prime Minister Modi.