Cardiovascular diseases are considered to be the main cause of death worldwide, experts warned

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Cardiovascular diseases are considered to be the main cause of death worldwide. Pakistan is located in the region where the rate of this disease is the highest in proportion to the population. There has definitely been a reduction to some extent, but despite this, heart diseases are still the cause of more deaths in Pakistan and around the world.

Chairman NCPC, Ex-President Cardiac Society Professor Mansoor Ahmed said that this disease is increasing rapidly in developing countries, while in developed countries, due to its preventive measures, the rate of the disease has decreased to some extent, complete abstinence from smoking, control of diabetes, blood pressure and especially cholesterol is very important, in our country, the use of unhealthy foods that cause heart diseases is high, while the version is even most of the schools do not have sports fields.

He said that smoking is increasing in all respects, while Pakistan has almost reached the first place in the world in terms of diabetes disease. Most of the people are unaware of these things and the prevention of diseases. The rate of blood pressure was 18% about 30 years ago which has now increased to over 30% and most of the country’s population is unaware of these issues and prevention of diseases.

“We started organizing the National Conference of Preventive Cardiology about 22 years ago, but due to some unavoidable reasons, it could not be organized for many years, but now we are reviving it through this conference,” he said. Medical professionals want to be aware of this so that they can implement these tips and precautions on their patients.

In this regard, a national level conference is being organized at MediCare Hospital on August 5 in which there will be various sessions and cardiologists will shed light on how to control this disease and how to deal with its harms.

Secretary NCPC, Ex-Secretary SAARC Cardiac Society Professor Dr. Abdul Rasheed said that the most alarming thing that is being seen in Pakistan is the increasing number of heart diseases among young people. In developed countries, heart diseases usually start to be reported at the age of 50 to 60 years, but now in Pakistan it is at the age of 30 years. Cases of heart disease are being reported and in some cases it has been seen that children as young as 18 years are suffering from this disease which is mainly due to lifestyle which includes unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, heavy smoking of tobacco. Alcohol is included in any form. Cold drinks, soft drinks, which contain a lot of sugar, while the use of market breads and excessive salt are also major causes of pre-diseases.

MD, Medicare Cardiac and General Hospital Dr. Fadilha A. Sohail said that as you know that Professor Mansoor Ahmed and Professor Dr. Rashid have discussed the issue of prevention and treatment of heart diseases before me. This is a very important and sensitive matter which needs to be taken seriously. Medicare Hospital, playing a lead role in this regard, has decided to organize NCPC 2023 in the conference hall of Medicare Hospital, in which cardiologists from all over the country will participate.