China visit postponed not cancelled: US State Dept.

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Spokesperson for the US State Department, Ned Price stated that the visit of US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken to China has been postponed and not cancelled and that the US has always believed on open doors for dialogue and democracy. 

Ned Price further said that that Secretary Blinken was expected to fly to China last Friday but due to the “balloon surveillance” controversy the trip was postponed. He further stated that the Secretary did speak to his counterpart, Wang Yi of China and informed his about US concerns. 

Ned also said that “right now we are focused on liked minded countries” while referring to taking different countries in loop with regard to the Chinese balloon and its violation of air space of different countries. Ned dispelled the impression that the US “over reacted” to the Chinese balloon and he termed the shooting of the it as of “national Interest.”

While referring to the shooting down of the Chinese balloon, Ned Price said that the President and the Secretary did know about the presence of the Chinese balloon a few days earlier but “these are difficult decisions and these are diplomatic decisions.” 

While taking about Chinese and Russian defense cooperation, Ned Price said these activities are being monitored very regularly. With regard to Iran providing more drones to Russia, Ned Price said that the manufacturing company of these drones has recently been placed under sanctions by the US government. 

in his opening remarks, Ned Price extended US government’s condolences to those who died in the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and assured full cooperation to the Turkish government with regard to recovery efforts. Turkey was termed as an ally and partner by Ned Price and he said that the Secretary has also spoken to his Turkish counterpart with regard to all sorts of assistance. With regard to Syria, Ned Price said that the US will help out the Syrian people and that the help will be provided through NGO’s and not through the Syrian government which the US still believes is responsible for the destruction of their own people.