No Information About Taliban Fighters In Ukraine: Ned

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: US State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price denied having information about the presence of Taliban fighters in Ukraine.

When asked by The Frontier Post whether the Taliban fighters were present in Ukraine helping the Ukrainian army in their resistance against Russian aggression, Ned Price said that he was not aware of any such information.

According to a source in Afghanistan, a large number of Taliban fighters have entered Ukraine and they are helping the Ukrainian army. These fighters are said to have been motivated by their culture “badal” meaning revenge, to settle their old score with Russia who had once attacked them fairly recently. These fighters are obviously also said to have been motivated by dollars and foreign agendas. 

It is also pertinent to mention here that for both China and US, the central Asian states are becoming of more and more importance in recent days whereas both Pakistan and Afghanistan are also expected to take a clear stance with regard to their foreign and strategic policies while dealing with China and the US. Chinese President Xi’s expected visit to Pakistan will certainly display Chinese interests in the country. 

While replying to a question about Peshawar Police Line Mosque blast, Ned Price shared US government’s condolences to the Public Servants (police) who were mostly killed in the blast. Ned was also asked about the economic woes in Pakistan and whether the US will provide some immediate help, but the question was unanswered.