Chinese family in Kandahar supporting local business

KANDAHAR (TOLO News): A Chinese family living in Kandahar has provided job opportunities for vulnerable families in the province.

Xin Fie is one member, along with two others.

The family has lived in Kandahar for the past four years.

The family is engaged in business-supporting activities.

“I would advise that a business should begin small. It will become major within 10 to 20 years,” Fie said.

“I am my husband’s assistant. We coordinate with the representatives of some companies in China and I also run the financial affairs of a family and a company,” said Fie’s wife.

This comes as a number of families in Kandahar called on the caretaker government and traders to provide them jobs.

“The government and the traders should work on a plan to create jobs, so that the people can rescue their families from poverty,” said Ghamai, a shopkeeper.

“These vulnerable families need to have a job to at least make 5,000 to 10,000 Afs,” said Sardar Aha, a resident of Kandahar.

The Chinese family has helped dozens of families in forming chicken farms.

The family also provides business consultation to the residents of Kandahar.