Chinese minister blasts US for undermining one China policy

SINGAPORE (Sputnik): Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan earlier in the day rejected China’s claim that the continued militarisation of islands in the South China Sea is purely defensive, calling it overkill and excessive.

Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe has expressed protest against the US’ Taiwan-related actions at a meeting with acting US Secretary of Defence Patrick M. Shanahan.

“Recently, the American side has made a number of statements and steps regarding Taiwan, which undermine the One China Principle. The Chinese side protests this”, Wei said. He stressed that the Chinese Armed Forces are firm in their determination to protect the sovereignty, security, and interests of China.

Wei Fenghe continued by saying that the US should not underestimate the determination of the Chinese side.

The statement comes after Shanahan earlier stated that building partnerships, deploying capabilities to the region, and assisting countries in developing their security capabilities are part of the US strategy to contain Beijing and achieve a free and open Indo-Pacific. After the bilateral meeting in Singapore, China’s Defence Ministry spokesman Wu told reporters that while the talks were constructive, Defence Minister Wei Fenghe had flagged the US words and actions over Taiwan as “unconstructive”.