Chinese, Pakistani armies hold video conference

BEIJING (APP): The Chinese and Pakistani armies held a video conference on the sharing of experience in the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by coronavirus, according to Chinese Ministry of Defence here on Tuesday.

Around 20 health offic-ials and experts of the two militaries in clinical, testing, prevention and control related fields attended the video conference in Beiji-ng, Wuhan and Rawalp-indi.

The Chinese officials first introduced the overall situation and experience of the Chinese army’s epidemic prevention and control work, new coronavirus pneumonia detection technology methods, main points, and diagnosis and treatment plans.

Subsequently, the two parties focused on the exchange of emergency command coordination, epidemic prevention and control, monitoring and detection, clinical treatment and other topics. Combined with case analysis, the strategies for treatment of critical patients and nosocomial infection control were discussed in depth.

The Pakistani side thanked China for sharing the epidemic prevention and treatment experience for the first time, highly appraising the Chinese military’s active efforts to participate in epidemic prevention and control, and congratulating China on achieving important stage results in combating the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It was reported this was the first video conference organized by the Chinese military to sh-are experience in the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia ou-tbreaks with foreign troops.

In the next step, the Chinese military will uphold the concept of serving to build a community of human destiny, strengthen international cooperation in the fight against epidemics with the military of the countries concerned, work together to combat the epidemic situation, maintain international health security, and make new contributions to building a human health and health community.